Peering Asia 3.0 will be held at Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It’s in the heart of City Centre, 6 minutes walk to Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower and surrounded with malls and restaurants near by.


Getting There via Taxi/Cab

The best way to get to Intercontinental Hotel from KLIA and KLIA2 airports are via Premier Cab/Taxi.

Premier Taxi counters are available once you pass through custom check / terminal at the airport.

Taxi Counter at KLIA Airport
Taxi Counter at KLIA 2 Airport

The premier taxi fees from the airport to Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur average at RM150.00++ (USD35.00) depend on traffic into the city.

Total Travel Time: 50 minutes (depend on traffic)
Total fare: RM150.00 (USD35.00)

Getting There – Via Train

If you are public transport person would like to travel with train and Light Railway Transit (subway) and you may try using KLIA Express travel from the airport into the city at KL Sentral Station.

Once you have arrived KL Sentral station, change to Rapid KL KJL line travel from KL Sentral to Ampang Park (KJ9) station.

It’s 2 minutes walk at Ampang Park station exit to Intercontinental hotel.

Total fare from KLIA to Ampang park at RM53.00 (USD15.00).

Compare to train with taxi, we would advise you to take taxi/cab directly into the city.

Total travel time: 60 minutes
Total fare: RM53.00 (USD15.00)

KLIA Express. Direct train from Airports to City at 35 minutes
Light Railway Transit connecting places in the city centre.